Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easy gifts

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My nephew's birthday has come and gone and I have not yet gotten him anything to commemorate his special day. I've been claiming my baby as an excuse - can't go out to buy gifts because I'm busy taking care of Swe-cha - and frankly, though the excuse is true, it is getting quite old.

My original plan was to get something which I can send through my parents who are here visiting for a couple of weeks. They can bring my gift to my nephew as they will be dropping by sister's place before they leave for Manila. Not surprisingly, it's been a few weeks and I have not been able to drop by Toys R Us for a look-see. Nor do I have any idea what 10 year olds like nowadays. The only thing I know my nephew likes are Nerf guns and I do not think that toy guns are something Mom and Dad would love to hand-carry through airport security (they do not have check-in luggages).

With a little bit of reluctance, I decided to resort to FriendGiftr and just purchased a gift card. As much as I would love choosing a gift for my nephew, I simply do not have the opportunity to do so right now and his birthday is already a few weeks past. Though a gift card seems so impersonal, the convenience cannot be beat. I'm also sure that my nephew would have lots of fun choosing his own toy instead of me choosing it for him, thus guaranteeing that he will love it.

I decided to get him a gift card from his favorite book store, Barnes & Noble, instead of a toy. In case he prefers to buy something from another store, he can always have it exchanged at FriendGiftr for no additional charge. Pretty cool, huh ?

And what's even cooler is that you can use this service through Facebook, iPhone or even your blackberry!

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