Friday, June 10, 2016

Losing our marbles

My friends and family know how much I hate to throw things away.

I have this mindset that things are "sayang" if they're still usable, I cannot bear to just throw them out. I save and save and hope to be able to reuse/recycle and/or give them away to someone who needs them later.

For the longest time, I've been racking my brains as to what to do with old prescription bottles. Between hubby and I (okay... mostly me), we do rack up a lot of these empty bottles over time.

I have various sizes and they have child-proof caps too! If you want a few, give me a hollar!

Am so happy today that I hit upon this idea -->
I use them to store my son's marbles. The 1st one are small marbles that go with his Q-Ba-Maze, the 2nd one are plastic marbles that go with Hungry Hippos and the last one are ceramic (I think) marbles that go with his Marble Run set.

Obviously, we're still missing a lot of marbles. I'm going to vacuum in and around furniture this weekend to see what we find. The best part of this is that they're child-proof containers, Swe-cha won't be able to play with them without my or his dad being aware that he is doing so. We can keep a closer watch and make sure he puts them back when he is done.

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