Friday, June 17, 2016


Yesterday afternoon, I saw Swe-cha playing with his Thomas & Friends Miniature engines - Rex and Mike - and realized that Bert, the 3rd and last miniature engine, might be available now. When we got him Rex and Mike last year, hindi pa kasi available.

I checked only and saw that the die cast version (we prefer the take n play compared to the wooden ones) has already been released so I ordered it for delivery next week.

Kaya lang, Swe-cha didn't seem to realize that he will have to wait. I explained that we'll haveto wait for the mailman to come with the box next week and he immediately rushed down and started going through the boxes I have in the foyer (my other purchases which I have not opened yet). 

When he didn't find Bert, he came to me and asked,.. 

And because I couldn't make him understand that he has to wait until next week, I decided to lay it all on the husband's shoulders and told Swe-cha to wait for his daddy.

He then stopped bothering me, pulled a chair to the bay window to wait and declared "My Daddy's coming home, where's the Bert ?".

I called hubby and gave him a heads up. Thinking that today, Friday, is Swe-cha's graduation day and that we don't have a present anyway, he decided to drop by the toy store to see if he can get one quickly. Bert wasn't available so he got Oliver, a different train.

When he got home, he was rushed by Swe-cha who opened the door for him and immediately started searching in his bag.

Hubby says "We don't have Bert, you have to wait. Do you want Oliver instead?"

Swe-cha says "No."

Hubby: "who do you want ?"

Swe-cha says "Bert"

Hubby: "how about Oliver?"

Swecha: "No"

and that was the end of the Bert discussion/conversation and he moved on to a different toy. 
No tantrums. Okay rin, he made me so proud.

As for Oliver, he's going back to the store.

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