Saturday, September 5, 2015

We're operational

Our solar system was finally operational on September 1. I kept a close watch on the dashboard and was sorely disappointed when we generated 0 kwH all day. I called it in the next day and they said they'd check, I got a return call late afternoon and was told that everything should be okay now. I checked the dashboard again and we generated 13.xx kWh.

On day 2, hubby and I were both watching. We generated 17.xx  kWh.  Better na. It also felt hotter that day so there must have been more sun.

I also pulled out documents to see what sort of levels we were supposed to be generating. As it turns out, we have a 6.76 kW system. I looked up a website which gave some guidelines for estimating solar power generation in our region and I got the following computation:

(system size) * 1600 (the rate assigned to our region) * 78% (efficiency rating siguro)

and ours came down to 8,436.48 kWh / year. Divided by 365 days / year, we have an average of 23 kWh/day. So it looks like we're getting there.

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