Saturday, September 26, 2015

MBR makeover

Last Saturday, we managed to score a memory foam mattress that hubby found comfortable and whose price I found comfortable. Given that we had the mattress already, I decided to give furniture hunting another shot and started browsing around the websites of our local furniture shops. I found one that we both liked.

We dropped by the shop last Sunday to check it out and we both liked the set in terms of looks, shade/color, build, etc. The drawer mechanism wasn't the soft-close type that we wanted but it was a very small consideration so we decided to purchase it anyway. Delivery has been scheduled in October.

It has been 23 months since we purchased this house and we have been hunting for bedroom furniture on and off all that time. Just imagine finding everything on the same weekend - meant-to-be, diba ?

Now, our master bedroom has been empty all this time. We use the master bath and keep our clothes in the walk in closet but we sleep in the other bedroom where we set-up the queen bed which we brought over from our previous home.

When we got the house, the MBR was painted in blue which I didn't really like. I thought it made the room look darker than it really was. Installing daylight bulbs in the recessed lighting helped brighten up the place but I wanted something brighter. We've always talked about painting it but never got around to doing it, our MBR to-do list looks something like this:
- recessed lighting (installed in Feb 2015)
- paint the room
- furniture
Note that we moved here end of 2013.

Oo, slow kami, but that's just how we roll =)

Anyway, since we expect the bedroom set to be delivered next weekend, we needed to get the painting done this week. We decided to go with Celery Ice again (this is the same color that I used in my guest bedroom in the condo).

I asked hubby if he wanted to get our handyman to do the job but he prefers to do it himself. It's almost 10p now and he's still doing touch-ups but it does look like he's going to be able to finish this project within day, despite the help of his little right-hand man / graffiti artist (see picture). Seeing him/us complete projects like these make me smile. Amerikano na talaga, marunong mag-DIY *grin*.

After today, if hubby wants to go ahead and upgrade his phone, I won't complain. He's earned it many times over. But shhhh, don't tell him I'm saying yes.


edit: note that this isn't over yet. we have to paint the baseboard heater covers tomorrow. The were painted the same blue as the walls, we're painting them glossy white.

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