Monday, February 16, 2015

MBR Lighting

We finally got around to contacting a licensed electrician and getting recessed lighting installed in the master bedroom - it only took us a year and 3 months. We had 4 cans installed and put in daylight dimmable bulbs - hubby and I are so pleased.

It's not such a difficult project, really, it only took the guys (an electrician and an assistant) a couple of hours to get everything installed. That also includes cleaning up after themselves.

The delay was due to the fact that I wanted someone with good references who could come in and do the actual work on a weekend. When I finally did find one,  he wanted to drop by on a weekday to scope up the work and give a proper estimate. It took some creative finagling with our schedules but the stars did line up recently.

We're now 1 step nearer to getting our MBR set up. Next step is to paint over the blue walls - I never liked the shade of blue and found it too drab - and when we have that done, the last step is to buy furniture.

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