Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Color schemes and furniture

Since we got the lighting installed in our MBR last week, I've been pushing to get a decision on the paint & bedroom furniture. Like I said, it's been a year and a few months since we moved and none of the 4 bedrooms are "properly" furnished yet, medyo nakakahiya na.

Another factor to consider is that my parents will be coming for a visit again in the next month or 2, this will be their 3rd visit since we moved, and super nakakahiya na for them to see that we still haven't done much.

We both work full time --> this is our excuse. We're usually exhausted when we get home and I would rather play / spend quality time w/ our child when I get home. Well, and yeah, tamad rin.

So now that we sorta have this momentum going... I'd really like for it to go on till we finish one project (we've got lots more waiting in line).

I think we won't have a problem with the paint choices as we've been looking at paint chips and both hubby and I gravitate towards the same shades anyway. The furniture - specifically, the bed - will be more of an issue.

So far, the mashup of both wishlists seem to be:
- no boxspring, so this limits our bed frame choices to storage beds or platform beds (pareho lang ba yun ?).
- contemporary look - not traditional and not too modern. We'd also like to stay away from sleigh beds.
- not upholstered
- king-sized mattress w/o springs, he'd like a foam mattress (not necessarily memory foam, but there doesn't seem to be any regular foam mattresses available in the US, puro memory foam lang which is so expensive), she'd like something more affordable.
- something that is open at the bottom so there's more air flow.

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