Tuesday, April 21, 2015

South-facing window

While I was fretting about getting a portable / mini greenhouse and doing the research, hubby asked me how and where I planned to set it up.

I haven't quite figured it out yet, I told him, but what I really needed was a place where I could set up my seedlings and have them face south. Ideally, they should still be inside at this point but should be placed at a South-facing window.

So hubby asked me which way was South and I pointed to the South wall at our home and pointed out that there are no windows.

And he asks... uh,... how about the window in the 4th bedroom, can I make use of that window ? But, he points out, it's going to be warmer up there, compared to the rest of the house.

My husband is a genius! We don't have any South-facing windows in our living area but I didn't think about the bedrooms. The 4th bedroom is perfect because it really gets a lot of sun and it is unoccupied. We just use it to store semi-opened moving boxes and unused toys so I can keep the door locked (to keep Swe-cha out) when I'm not fussing with the seedlings. The fact that it is warm is also perfect, that's how a greenhouse is supposed to be - warm but not too much.

It's been a day since I planted my sprouted seeds in a seed-starting potting mix and a lot of already poked their heads out and have started sprouting the cotyledon leaves.

It'll be a few more weeks, I think, before the seedlings will be ready for the planting bed but I am so excited and really hope that they make it.

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