Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hitting rock bottom

My health has, unfortunately, hit rock-bottom.

I knew my control was slipping and that I've been gaining weight lately, but I didn't realize that the overall effect on my health was going to be that bad.

I was puzzled when I was asked to give another urine sample when I went back to the clinic the following day to get my results. The doctor explained later that she wanted to do a pregnancy test for me because that might explain the unusual results in my bloodwork.

It turned out negative, but for a while there, my hopes were up. We have been considering having another child recently but given my most recent checkup, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through a pregnancy with this many health issues going on with me. It wouldn't be good for the baby.

I have to thank my company for giving us an incentive to get our annual checkups done (there's a gift card when you complete certain activities). I am not the type to make an effort to see the doctor for checkups if it weren't for that incentive, my husband is the same way too so we both have to be thankful for this.

I teared up a little as I was reading the results, how could I have let it get this far ?

Anyway, sabi nga ni friend/ofcmate "at least alam mo na, pwede mo na gawan ng paraan." and he is right. My husband says the same thing and that we should treat this as a wake up call and start making lifestyle changes.

When we got home after daycare pickup, I turned on the tv and searched for an exercise video on YouTube. Ang dami pala!  The good news is that I was able to find time for exercise, kaya pala because Swe-cha generally entertains himself when we get home from daycare. The not-so-good news is that I was panting at the 5 minute mark and at 15 minutes, I found my muscles shaking and I couldn't move them anymore, not even to sit down on the floor. Thankfully, Swe-cha let me do this for 30 minutes without bothering me. He just sat on the floor watching me and applauding every now and then.

I had the realization that my fit days was really that long ago. Those days when I could easily do 3 straight hours of advanced aerobic classes ? those were long gone.

More realistic this time and considering that I still have aches and pains from yesterday's exercise session. I searched for a beginner's exercise video. Eventually, I settled on Zumba. I found it doable and after a message saying "don't judge yourself, just have fun!" on the video appeared, I started having fun. Ang tigas ng katawan ko and I don't even know if I'm doing the moves right. Boy, am I glad that I don't do this professionally - nakakahiya.

Swe-cha was a bit more difficult today, he wanted to be hugged, he wanted me to sit beside him, he wanted to write and do all sorts of things. He kept asking me to turn off the tv and at one point, was able to get hold of the remote and actually turned my video off. this resulted in my having to start over, until I was able to finish the 30 minute exercise.

The good news is that, at this point, I see results of my hard work (exercise and diet) immediately. I've lost 1 lb daily for 3 days now. Hope this continues para ma-inspire ako and maka pag 2-piece bikini for summer (mwahahaha!).

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Didi said...

I walk 1 hour a day in the compound. Yan nalang ang exercise ko. I'm super tamad kasi AT ayoko ng pinapawisan! Hahaha.. What a combination diba? I read that you need at least 10,000 steps to lose weight. And also not to eat over the 2,000 calories?

Pero there in the US - maraming lakaran diba? Masaya! Dito kasi baka mabangga ka di oras unless you live in a village or in quiet New Manila.

Keep up the good work!! Kaya mo yan!! :)

Love, Didi