Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good weekend

This weekend, with the exception of Swe-cha's fall, is one of our best weekends ever.

First off, we attended a friend's birthday party on Saturday and during that party:
(a) Swe-cha didn't cry when we went there and walked up to friend's house willingly

(b) When we saw his Ninong, I pointed him out and asked Swe-cha to hug Ninong. He went! (said Ninong then looked at me and asked "nagulat ka rin no ?" =)

(c) He passed a soccer ball around a few times with another guest's child - this was of his own initiative

(d) Did a few hand tricks with Ninang (high fives, align, and some others we didn't know about), I wasn't close enough to see how he did but there was no drama

(e) When we were leaving, he initiated a hug with Ninang's daughter.

On Sunday, we went to music school and he engaged with his teacher 100%! He was singing songs and playing instruments (the big & small drums, shakers, and the xylophone) with the teacher.

We went to Dunkin Donuts afterwards to grab breakfast and he ate 2 egg/cheese wraps (we had to kill time before mass).

And when we heard mass afterwards, he behaved the whole time and we were able to finish mass!

The only thing that marred this weekend was that he fell and hit his forehead on a corner of the wall just before naptime. His bruise swelled like crazy and I was so scared. Looks like he's okay now, but we do need to observe him and watch out for signs of concussion (pls pray with us that he'll be fine).

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