Monday, March 2, 2015


Today, Swe-cha came home with a missing zipper handle on his backpack.

If we were in the Philippines, I would simply bring this to my neighborhood Mr Quickie to be fixed.

If I were to show this to my Dad, he'd fashion a handle out of some scraps and attach it to the zipper body - I actually remember him attaching a round aluminum ring to a broken luggage zipper when I was little.

Since we don't have a neighborhood Mr Quickie here and my parents aren't due for a visit till spring, I've had to channel my inner-McGyver and fashion something out of what scraps / parts I have at home. I reused the toggle and elastic cord that I salvaged from hubby's ruined jacket*.

Sometimes, there's really an advantage to being a hoarder (translation: basurero).


* Last November, hubby's winter jacket got ruined beyond repair (spent too long in the dryer) and before throwing it out, we salvaged as much spare parts as we could - I cut off the toggles and as much elastic cord as I could pull out.

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