Saturday, August 16, 2014

Patio Updates

I'm not really an outdoors person but I do love staying out in the yard because of the covered patio.

Since summer came, however, every time we go out and spend time in the yard, it seems like we're also providing a buffet for the mosquitos. Yes, we get eaten alive, I kid you not.

We've tried different repellents - spray-on types, citronella bracelets and stickers,off clip on - and nothing really seems to work. Last night, Swe-cha's ninong advised spraying the yard with insect repellent, they come in bottles that you could attach to the garden hose and they get sprayed on the plants and lawn as you water them . Hubby sprayed this on this afternoon.

We also decided to get some mosquito coils (check out the clay coil holder!) and citronella candles (oo, late na). After Swe-cha's last foray in the backyard this week, he got no less than 30 bites all over. They're still swollen now, 3 days later, so we're not taking any more chances

Not really sure which one worked or if our neighborhood mosquitoes were out for the day but I can say that we didn't get bitten tonight and that is such a huge relief. Next year, we will start spraying the insect killer early (you do it every 8 weeks) in the summer, before the mosquitoes start hatching.

While we were outside trying to tempt the mosquitoes with our delectable blood, hubby decided that he wanted to open up the ceiling light and clean the dome.

I convinced him to switch the incandescent bulbs with energy-saving CFL ones. I have been trying to get him to do this for the longest time and finally succeeded now, 9 months later - not too bad ;)

I am also happy to show that I did set up the el-cheapo Ikea Rusch clock that we purchased last week. I've been wanting to put a clock outside for the longest time as it is so easy to lose track of time when you're lounging outside.

Little things make me so happy, I tell 'ya. $1.99 to be exact. I don't feel the need to put up a nicer one because it'll be exposed to extreme temperatures and well... er... because I'm cheap that way.

This is it, I guess, patio-wise. We don't feel the need to put in any more updates at this time.

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