Thursday, May 1, 2014


The hall bathroom toilet has now been unclogged.

I don't remember exactly when Swe-cha played in the bathroom and clogged it but it was shortly after we started toilet-training, that makes it around a month now. It was inconvenient at first because we had to walk a bit further away if we have to use the toilet at night but we quickly grew accustomed to that and got to the point where we didn't really care that we had an unusable toilet.

Getting the confirmed dates for the in-laws' visit prompted our change of heart. It would be nice if there's less broken stuff around the house when they come over so here we are. I called a plumber today and were fortunate enough to get an opening for the early evening, plumber came over with his super-professional-snake/auger and took a minute (or 2, tops!) to snake the toilet and voila, it's okay again. Damage was $99 + tax. Ouch.

Am wondering if we'll be able to get a new bedroom set purchased and delivered in two weeks ? Asa pa =)

Aside from us (and by "us", I really mean "the husband", shhh!) being slow to act and the husband being very particular and specific about what he wants and the lead time needed for delivery... uh... it would be nice but I wouldn't really put my money on it.

Anyway, also ordered the replacement under-sink hot water tank for our drinking water. In retrospect, I should've ordered it earlier in the week so it would come in time for the weekend - did I mention that the husband kinda moves slowly ? and has to be prodded along ? Hopefully, he'll do this w/o needing an extra push since it is his family who is coming anyway,

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