Sunday, May 11, 2014


We had a very busy day today.

First, Daddy mowed the lawn while Swe-cha supervised.

Having NOT grownup with a lawn / grass at home, I had the realization today that grass does grow very fast, it has only been 2 weeks since it was mowed during our spring cleanup and when we mowed today, some sections seemed like they were more than 5 inches high. Thankfully, the mower I ordered arrived middle of this week and it was very easy to assemble. I swear, if it had come another week later, the grass might be unmanageable already.


Swe-cha also discovered the joys of running barefoot on freshly-cut grass. He went barefoot the rest of the afternoon - even when he was making mudpies. Boys sure do know how to make a mess. When I was able to get him inside the house later, I had to give him a bath and even had to scrape the dirt off of his toenails.

And remember Daddy's dream of having a ride-on mower before ? The one that Mommy quashed when she emphatically said no ?  

Swe-cha showed Daddy how to ride on this one. Cool, no ?

Now, if only good days like these come without the allergies....

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