Monday, April 28, 2014

Shoe rack

Finally put up the shoe rack in the coat closet last weekend, I have been searching for a shoe storage system that fits this area in the closet and I couldn't find anything. I wanted the shoes to go in that nook because it was sort of hidden at the side and wasn't immediately visible when you open the doors. It was also a weird size (23 inches wide) so I needed something that was adjustable and stackable.

Unfortunately, adjustable shoe racks were usually the ones where you have to rest your shoes on two rods set at an angle and boy, I cannot begin to tell you how much those types annoy the husband - shoes keep falling off, Swe-cha's shoes aren't long enough to sit on the two poles, etc.

Eventually, the husband had a great idea, he said, "why don't we install one of those wire shelves ?".
And here we are :)

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