Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shoe-drying tip

So we've been potty training, right ?

Yesterday, Swe-cha had a pee-pee accident in school. He came home with his shoes soaked (he did have spare shoes in school), I washed his shoes that night.

Now, normally, when we wash shoes back home in the Philippines, we'd wait for a time when we'd be a couple of consecutive bright, sunny days so that we could set the shoes out to dry under the sun. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury now - given that it's winter and we're experiencing frigid temperatures. If I set wet shoes out to dry, they'd just turn hard with ice and the shoes would be wet again as soon as the ice thaws.

The other alternative I could think of was the clothes dryer. I've heard of some sort of contraption you could get which lets you hang your shoes in the middle of the dryer so it won't be tumbled about. I was concerned about the adhesives and the material being damaged and when I googled it, sure enough, it was a concern.

I kept googling for toilet-training-friendly shoes and it turns out that jelly shoes (or crocs!) are a good option - it would've been nice to time toilet training with a nice & warm season.

Anyway, as I was about to give up, I came across an article on on how to dry shoes with newspaper. I tried it and it does work! I did change the newspapers a few times, I did this last night and 24 hrs later, Swe-cha's shoes were dry!

Ayos :)

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