Sunday, March 16, 2014

Answered Prayer

Ang galing ni Lord.

As always, all we had to do was ask.

As you know, we moved late last year. We had been house-hunting on and off for a while and didn't really have a timeline. We were just waiting until we find the one house that we really liked so we couldn't really put our condo up on the market as we didn't know when we'd find THE house.

We did buy THE house in mid-2013 and took our time moving. We had the new house painted, mold-remediation on the basement and some work done (i.e. attic stairs) before we moved in. It took us weeks and weeks to pack and when moving day came, we still weren't done. We would find ourselves "still packing" weeks later.

We set a target of January 2014 for ourselves, we wanted the condo to be market-ready by then. By December, we feared that we wouldn't make it as we were already very exhausted. Our realtor told us that the condo didn't really have to be empty, it just had to be neat. So we boxed and bagged the remaining stuff and put them in the hall closet - and they have been sitting there since.

It's been quiet all this time, we've had visits and inquiries. The slew of snowstorms we've had since putting the condo up on the market didn't help. A lot of weekends were snow-storm weekends and those were, obviously, quiet days. There was some interest and several said they would "think about it" but nobody got interested enough to make an offer.

Last week, I realized that aside from that prayer of thanks (that we were finally able to get the place show-ready) in January, I didn't really ask God to help us sell it and when that realization hit me, I prayed. "Lord, please don't forget the condo. Please let someone who will appreciate/love it find their way to us."

We got an excited call from our realtor on Friday. We got two offers. Yes, two! On the same day! God rocks! On Saturday morning, we countered one offer and got a response back within hours. The buyer has accepted. We signed the contract on Sunday afternoon and we go into attorney review for the next 3 days.

Praise Him! We are so thankful for the following:
- that we got not just one, but two, offers. It certainly made us think and helped us decide much quicker
- that the buyer accepted our counter-offer right away
- that the buyer is a cash buyer - no need to worry about appraisals and loans not pushing through and delaying things
- that the buyer can and wants to close in 30 days or less (saves us from having to come up with the next quarter of taxes which are due on May 1 *whew*)

I would say that our realtor is a very lucky one too. She pulled off being BOTH the buyer & seller's agent for our house purchase and it looks like she's going to pull off being that again for our condo sale :)

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