Monday, October 15, 2012


Whew! Thank you, poging UPS guy. Yes, he really is cute and nice - he brings our stuff to our door while other delivery guys just leave them in the lobby.)

This greeted me when I got home this afternoon, it was such a welcome sight. We were running out of diapers and our regular diaper subscription decided to take its time getting to us.

Last night, in an effort to look for diapers, I was reduced to scrounging around in the different bags we've used as diaper/baby bags, that pocket in the stroller, and the areas behind the bed and between the mattress & the bedrails. I even got to the point where I contemplated using swim diapers instead of regular ones. Expensive kasi if we'll buy from the grocery.

It didn't help that just when we were running out and needed to hold out till we get the new delivery, Swe-cha chooses yesterday to go on another of his pooping sprees (he wants to challenge Mommy) - 4 poopy-diapers in 1 day. Imagine that!

Anyway, I'll order an extra box as a precaution, I don't want to run out of diapers again.

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