Sunday, October 14, 2012


Background information: I saw hubby watching the first episode of Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 a few nights go and got hooked and I've been squeezing in or 'trying to squeeze in', rather, some viewing time since then.

This morning, after church, while on our way to the happiest place in NJ (Mitsuwa), our conversation went like this:

hubby: what episode are you in Star trek Enterprise ?

me: yung "Civilization", ano yun ? 5 ? 6  yata (it was episode 8, as it turns out).

hubby: naaliw ka na no! Addict!

me: oo nga eh *sheepish grin* it's nice. I never thought I'd watch it ever, I never got interested until now... but then again, basta hindi [Captain] Janeway, okay lang. i don't like the Star trek w/ Janeway.

hubby: ha ? baket ?

me: basta ayaw ko. I know medyo unfair, kasi I've never watched a Janeway episode ever... pero basta ayoko. hate ko siya.

hubby: are you sure /

me: oo, ayaw ko si janeway. i like kirk. i like picard and now, i like archer. basta wag si Janeway. pero note ah, I just like kirk pero ayoko manood ng episode nila, ang corny na ng effects eh, sobrang luma. yung parang may mini godzilla aliens na parang malalaglag yung mask anytime ?

hubby: naalala mo si Tuvoc ? Neelix ? chaka si 7 of 9 ?

me: oo! I like that.

At this point, I was remembering those episodes fondly, ...

me: remember that episode ? si Tuvix ? yung na merge si Tuvoc and Neelix ? I like that.

hubby: that's Janeway.

me: ano ?

hubby: Janeway na Star Trek yun.

me: Ha ? Ang gulo mo kausap.

hubby: hindi, haha! [and then he started relating other episodes which I really enjoyed watching and characters which I liked]  Naalala mo yung Maqui diba ? sila Chacote ? si torres ?

me: oh.

I blame the anesthesia (C-section) for the forgetfulness. ;)
Kawawa naman si Captain Janeway.

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