Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So we're prepping for Hurricane Sandy, we're expecting landfall early Tuesday. I've heard phrases such as these floating around:
- storm of the century
- catastrophic
- Frankenstorm

I didn't really have much to prepare since we almost always are well-stocked, just bought some fresh bread this morning and we should be set though I do realize that we may not have enough for Swe-cha (will have to rethink his menu).

The only preparation that I did was to purchase a lantern. We have flashlights and candles, but I realize that candles aren't really the best things to have around when you have a toddler plus they hardly give any light. Friend E recommended this and I ordered last Friday. I figure, even if this arrives after Hurricane Sandy, we'll be prepped for the next one.

Thankfully, fortune must have been smiling down on us (Thank you, Lord!) when I put in my order online yesterday because guess what I found in today's mail? Yep, it's here. We've tested it and it gives off a very bright light (240 lumens on high mode).

Checked to make sure that we still have butane for the portable stove (we have an electric stove) so we should be set.

Please pray for us and hope that everybody stays safe.

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