Friday, February 17, 2012

V-day+2 2012

We're not big on celebrating Valentine's Day, we never did. We've exchanged gifts occasionally, but we're not in the habit of doing that.

Flowers ? Ha! Hubby would prefer to have them kept alive rather then cut, arranged in a bouquet and left to die after a few days and given the limited space that we have plus the fact that we have winter here, I'd rather not take on more plants.

So while I wasn't really expecting anything special for v-day, I won't deny that part of me - the girly part - would still welcome the giddy feeling of having your significant other surprise you. But the thing is, hubby knows me well. He knows that if he went out and spent & splurged on something nice, I'd feel bad about it because we're on a spending freeze - no unnecessary spending - until I get full-time employment and we're able to move to a bigger house.

So v-day came and went and it was just an ordinary day in our household. I wasn't surprised nor was I disappointed. Like I said, this is normal for us.

2 days later, hubby greets me "Happy 2 days after Valentine's Day" with a half-dozen donuts (5 heart shaped donuts and 1 round one because the store ran out of hearts) and I find my laptop touchpad button fixed (yay!). He'd stayed up till 3a the night before fixing my laptop.


Happy 2 days after v-day to you too :)

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