Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The other day, at dinner, hubby bit on a piece of chicken and said, "ang sarap ng luto mo" and he happily munched on dinner.

I was surprised because he's never said that about my cooking before. He would say things like "konti pa, lasang restaurant na", "pwede na", "okay ito", "pwedeng maulit ito", or he'll even ask for a specific dish in a roundabout way such as "miss ko na yung baked ribs mo" or "matagal ka nang di nagluluto nung chicken yakitori ah"... but he never really says that anything is masarap.

So this unprompted, sincere compliment touched me because he's never said that word until now. He'll say "yes" if I ask him, "masarap ba?" but he never actually says it first.

Now, I feel worthy enough to bring out the Calphalon pans :)

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