Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pants on fire...

I've been wanting to file our taxes for the longest time but we still haven't gotten all our paperwork in yet. Yesterday, I got the idea from Achi to call up the church & just request them to send us our statement from last year (donations).

You see, our church normally asks us to fill in this request form & for us to drop it at the collection plate during mass but the thing is, we've forgotten about it on some weeks and when we do remember to bring the form in, collection wasn't taken from the mother's chapel, which is where we stay when we're in church.

So, anyway, I call up our church and ask, "Have you sent out the 2011 tax statements yet ?"

Lady who answered says "Yes, haven't you gotten yours yet ?"

So I say, "No" and this is the truth, I just did not elaborate and say that I have not requested our statement either.

Lady says, "oh, I'm sorry you haven't gotten yours, I'll get your name and I'll send them out again."

I gave her our name (we have a pretty unique surname) and she says "Oh, I specifically remember doing this one last week."

I make a silly grin and think to myself, "... liar!..."

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