Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Parmesan Cheese Container

Is it that obvious that I love reusing containers ?

Sometimes, I embarass myself when I see my stash of containers grow and I start throwing stuff away but I try to keep them as much as I can - I'm such a hoarder! [translation: basurero]

We go through a lot of parmesan cheese in our house and once, I saw the small containers go on sale and I just had to get a few. Here is a perfect example of how I reused the small parmesan cheese jar - a container for loose crayons (the kind that kids get from restaurants). The flip top lid makes tidying up so easy because you can just drop the crayon in (or shake it out if you want to use it).

I wonder how long it'll take us and how many restaurants we'd have to visit with Swe-cha before we can get a full set of colors (I'm not looking to get a full set of colors from any one restaurant).

1 comment:

Crinklynose said...

Oh wow, cool idea!!! But everytime I get to see the show "hoarders", I start tossing "stuff" in the trash, haha :)