Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conversations with the husband

A thread I've been following recently in my e-group sparked some questions in my mind - are we happy ?

I didn't have think hard to find out what my answer was, I only had to look at my son to see the main reason and proof that I am happy. So that leaves the husband.

Last night, I ambushed him with that question, "Hun, happy ka ba ? Are you happy with our life ?"

He took a few seconds to think and said "Yes, masaya ako. Minsan lang, sobrang kulit nitong ni Swe-cha chaka hindi ako masaya pag ginigising mo ako nang maaga."

[translation: he is happy but sometimes he finds it difficult when our son is being overly rambunctious and he does not like it when I wake him up early in the morning]


I prodded him some more, "Come on, be honest. Aren't you the least bit proud of your son's kakulitan ?"

He thought some more and smiled, "yes, basta hindi ako mag-aalaga, proud akong makulit siya."

LOL :)


Aris said...
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Aris said...

Napilitan lang ata si hubby eh... ;-)