Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick baby

As much as I want to get the chance to jump-start my career and go back to work again, there are days such as today that make me thankful that I still get to be a SAHM.

Daycare called me at 2:30p today and told me that Swe-cha had a bad episode of diarrhea - it was running down his legs! - and was crying almost non-stop since morning. He ate lunch and finished his bottle (milk) and did not have any fever but they were concerned because he would hold his tummy every so often and would kick his legs, they think he is having abdominal pains.

I called his doctor and was told to observe him and bring him in tomorrow if he gets worse. There's nothing to be concerned about for now because it was just the 1 episode of diarrhea and that he has no other symptoms - I have yet to see him hold his tummy when he feels the abdominal cramps. I'm thinking that his crying at DC all day has something to do with me and not really because he is in that much pain, he just wants to be with me because he's not feeling well. In fact, he stopped crying immediately and started waving bye-bye to everybody as soon as he saw me walk through the door.

He had another episode of diarrhea (so there's really something going on in his tummy) as soon as we got home but he did not show signs of being in pain. We even sang a few songs and played tickle-cuddle games with each other before he settled down for his nap.

Anyway, he's napping now and I did give him Florastor (probiotics) with his milk as per the clinic's instructions. I'm relieved that he finished his Florastor-spiked milk w/o any complaints as he would sometimes spit it up when he's not in the mood. Aside from wanting him to finish the Florastor so he will get well ASAP, I don't like to waste it since it is on the expensive side and is not

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