Thursday, April 14, 2011

Everybody lies

I don't like our new property manager.

She lies.

In fairness to her, she took over the management of our condo building at a difficult time. The person who used to manage the property before got seriously sick and was in and out of the office and for some period of time, there were too many people covering & pitching in for him and you know what they say about too many chefs ruining the soup, right ? So, now, Z comes into the equation and has to sort through all the issues that have piled up since K (the previous manager) got sick.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear about the decision that the board has made on our alleged window-leak issue. On 4/1, we were talking on and off the whole afternoon trying to sort things out. She would do some research, ask people and then give me a call back and let me know what's up. I'd have a question or I'd point out an inconsistency and she would do more research and would come back to be again with her answers. I thought we had a pretty good start then.

Unfortunately, she had also told me that she would be sending someone over to come by the house the following Wednesday (4/7) and that she would let me know what time he will be coming over. This is where our troubles started. By Monday, I started calling her office to ask if our Wednesday thing was confirmed or not. I couldn't reach her and left her a voicemail so I tried calling her again on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. By then, I gave up. Z finally calls me back on 4/13, exactly 12 days from when we last talked and wanted to send someone over that same day, stating "we really need to move forward on this". This p*ssed me off big-time. She takes 12 days to call me back and then puts the pressure on me to accomodate her on the same day ? I tell her that and she denies that it has been that long since we last talked and says that she still has that email I sent her when we talked and she can prove that it has not been that long. DUH, I have the email too.

Anyway, I shift some things around and got something scheduled with her guys.

Last night, I attended the condo board meeting to find out what's up. When I asked the board of directors what the decision was on this issue, I was told by the president that "the board will be deciding on that tonight". WHAT THE ? On 4/1 ? Z told me (verbally*) that the board had decided to shoulder the window replacement expenses and charge me for it if it stops the leak below and if it does not, then I do not get charged for it.

I was miffed.

Z lies. She lied about the 12 days that has passed before she calls me back. And the rest ? I don't know who's lying or who's been giving or has been given the wrong information. But the communication obviously broke down somewhere along the line. If the board has not made a decision as of the start of last night's meeting, why did the property mgt company send me that letter on 3/23 (received 3/31) ? Why did Z tell me that the board has decided to go ahead with the window replacement ... blah blah ... on 4/1 ?

Something tells me that none of the people here can be trusted. Not even if you get something in writing. As Dr House says in his show, "everybody lies" or it could also be that they are incompetent.

Pick one (or two).

--- * note that what Z has told me verbally is the opposite of what a letter I received from the property management office says. The letter (signed by yet another property manager) states that my window is faulty and it is my responsibility to fix it, they will look for a subcontractor to complete the job and I will be assessed the fees.

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