Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finally, there is someone who makes sense!

Here is a snippet of the email that the contractor sent to the property manager regarding his inspection of my window.

Property Manager,

As requested, I met with owner of Unit #### on April 14, 2011. I visually inspected the existing window from the interior and from the ground on the exterior. I believe that you had explained to me that the reason for the requested window replacement was due to a leak in the unit below. I am not convinced that the leak into the unit below is caused by the window. I would perform the window replacement if desired, but I could not offer any guarantee against stopping the leakage below.

[letter snipped]

In the rest of his letter, he proposes to conduct a water test to try and cause the leak to happen and only then will he be able to propose a repair to the leak and offer a guarantee for the repair.

Now, I tell hubby, I feel much much better because we're finally dealing with someone who (seems to be) is objective and does not start with the assumption that my window is the cause of the leak. Now, if after this test, it does come out that my window is to blame, then I have no issues about bearing the cost of the replacement. An expert opinion was all that I wanted and have been asking for all this time.


Aris said...

Finally nga!

Jean said...

and I'm still waiting for someone to contact me & set a schedule for the water test. Ambagal nila!