Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dream vacation

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Having a baby changes everything - your priorities get jumbled around, your activities (especially those w/c last late into the night) get curbed, and now that I'm still breastfeeding, even what I eat undergoes careful scrutiny. One of the things that remains unchanged is my dream vacation to Kissimmee, Florida.

I've always wanted to go to Walt Disney World and Sea World and now that Universal Studios has that new Harry Potter theme park ? I'm even more stoked. In fact, I've wanted to go to Kissimmee for so long that I've discussed having this trip long before hubby and I had our son. In fact, I've been talking about this so long that it was probably even before we got married!

I've always envisioned myself staying at the Disney Magic Kingdom resort, but since seeing some pictures of my friend's stay at the Animal Kingdom resort ? I changed my mind and want to stay at the latter instead. My son, Swe-cha, would enjoy looking at the animals over our balcony. He would love watching the animals - those he has only seen in videos so far - come to life. It would be a sight the whole family would love and enjoy. Imagine waking up to a view of giraffes walking just below your windows and a family of them feeding a few yards away or how about being on a real safari and be able to see animals at close range ?


I can't wait till my son is big enough to travel (without too much baby gear in tow) and appreciate these sights. I would also love it if my sister and her family (especially my nephews) could come along this trip with us. It'll be a riot!

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Nicole said...

I feel the same way about theme parks - I've also been talking about going back to Florida since my husband and I were dating (which will now be seven years and counting)!

And now with the Harry Potter theme park open, I'm getting more impatient... We were supposed to go this year but we understimated the house expenses. Well, there's always next year (I hope).

popcorn said...

Hi Nicole,

Kami rin, sana makapunta doon someday. I always tell my husband that we could start taking family vacations na when our son is a little bit older, tapos gusto ko nga sa Florida. My dream is to go w/ family, sana pwede rin yung sister & her family na sabay sa amin pumunta.

Super na-engganyo pa ako when a friend posted picture of when they stayed at the Safari resort of disney, their room balcony overlooks an animal reserve and nakikita nilang kumakain ang mga giraffes. How cool is that ?

Nicole said...

Definitely cool! Oh, to win the lottery =)