Saturday, August 7, 2010


So I've been telling whoever cares to listen - friends are good :) - that I have my heart set on going back to Manila to celebrate Swe-cha's 1st birthday.

I felt the urge exactly 13 days ago and immediately started looking around and doing research - basically, checking to see how feasible a December vacation will be for our family. It occurred to me that there would be lots of factors involved and that they have to all fall in place but I am hopeful that this will push through.

Among our considerations, the most major are:
- award tickets from PAL (if we do not get the award tickets, it doesn't make sense to fly during that time because of the costs), we're currently priority waitlisted* for a couple of dates and just plain waitlisted for a few more dates.
- award tickets from Delta (not a requirement but would be great if we could get award tickets for NJ to CA tickets for maximum savings)
- a stopover in California (a must)
- leave from work
- trans-atlantic travel with a one year old (eek!)

and with that...
- which baby gear to bring along
- pumping breastmilk and all the parts to bring along & sterilize (unfortunately, my son does not direct feed from me)
- feeding bottles and nipples

Milk-wise, we're going to go with disposables as much as we can so the Playtex nursers are going to get a lot of use. I'm just iffy because our Playtex nursers (premium set) are made of plastic that is easily cracked unlike the older ones, I still prefer the original.

Secondary considerations - and the most fun, if I may say so:
- 1st bday party venue (check, Mom is taking care of this)
- caterer & food (Mom / brother are scouting for suppliers)
- decorations / venue dress up (found recommendations thru n@w)
- entertainment, souvenirs and prizes (found recommendations thru n@w)
- photographer & videographer (found recommendations thru n@w)
- clothes!

Luggage wise, I'm thinking that we could assemble a balikbayan box (for personal supplies and pasalubong) and have this sent ahead to our home in Manila. This should reduce the amount of luggage we have to bring with us.

* I asked the PAL booking agent what "priority waitlisted" meant and was told that it means that there is a big possibility that our seats will be confirmed.


meekerz said...

Once you book your flight, request for the front row and request for an infant bassinet. (Well, I've always read that in articles/blogs, but I don't know if all planes have those.) Good luck! :)

popcorn said...

Hi Meekerz,

Any idea if kakasya ang 1 year old infant sa bassinet ? I checked PAL's website and it indicates that they only allow infants up to 6 months old sa bassinets. But a friend recently travelled (some other airline) and they put their almost-2 year old sa bassinet, lampas pa yata yung paa.

Berryblitz said...

mukhang super excited ka ah... super excited talaga pag mag 1 na ang baby

popcorn, parang masyadong malaki na ang 1 year old for bassinet. pero basta matibay and kaya naman, and kung papayag yung sa airlines, puede na hehe