Friday, August 27, 2010

Big boy

Nowadays, Swe-cha can almost always be found standing whenever I leave him inside his play area. He never sits down for long and would pull himself up to a standing position by holding onto the enclosure.

A few times, he would look at me, smile and then let go. He'd eyes would be sparkling as if saying, "Look, ma! No hands!" Sometimes, he'd still have enough strength and balance left to stand for a few more seconds after he lets go but other times, he'd just fall flat on his cute butt (and I'd reach out at the same time to make sure he doesn't hit his head on anything). Thankfully, he seems to know not to let go when I'm not in the enclosure with him.

Time has gone really fast. At about this same time last year, hubby and I were still looking for childcare classes we could attend. We have not bought a single item for the baby, much less bedroom furniture, that would come much much later (a few days before my scheduled c-section, actually). And look at where we are now, our son is pulling himself up and can stand without support for about 2 seconds before falling down. Pretty soon, he'll be walking and running all over the place. So fast!

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