Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tylenol Recall

OTC medications, Tylenol and Motrin, are now being recalled by the manufacturer. I checked their announcement against the NDC number of the Infant's Tylenol Drops that we have at home (top right corner of the bottle label, it is also printed on the box) and saw that ours is among the recalled batches.


So that's why Swe-cha's fever last week took a while to go down. Granted, he had his shots that morning but then again, with this recall going on, it kind of makes me wonder what the culprit was, the shots ? or was the Tylenol we gave him not effective ? or both ?


If I weren't so annoyed, it would amuse me to see how the manufacturer is sugar-coating this recall. If I understand their explanations correctly, they claim that there are no adverse medical effects - it's just that some have more than the correct dosage of the active ingredient, some have particles and some have inactive ingredients. Eek.

Ooookaaaaay, if you do not mind being overdosed or drinking dirt / foreign particles, you should be fine.

Again, kainis!

I wouldn't be so annoyed, obviously, if I had not used this yet. But we've used this on two separate occasions already when he got vaccinated (2nd & 4th months). What if, and thankfully, it did not happen, he were to get sick for some reason and we were to rely on the Tylenol that we have at home ? and trust that it is effective ?



On another note, I placed a pitcher of water in the refrigerator yesterday and I've been guzzling cold water all day. ANG SARAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!

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