Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A walk in the park

Those who know me well know how much I hate being under the sun, however, baby and I have been taking long walks these past few days - a testament on how becoming a mother has changed my life.

Swe cha has gotten into the habit of taking these walks. My fault, really, as I had unwittingly introduced him to the pleasure during those times when he is fussy and I run out of things to do to pacify him. Now, it seems like part of his daily routine already. He will not nap in the afternoon - thus, becoming cranky - unless he is outside.

How I long for my husband to see how Swe-cha is when we are out walking, I try to take pictures but they don't do justice. The photos I take do not capture the baby's contentment or the way that he laughs whenever a breeze blows. Times like these make me thankful for the way that things turned out, that becoming a SAHM gives me the chance to enjoy these firsts with my son.


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Enjoy! I missed a lot of Kyla's firsts because I was working. :-(