Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Milk supply has been a little bit low these past few days, I've only been getting 10 oz each pumping session instead of the usual 12 and I think it may be because I have not been drinking as much water as I normally do. I have this 1.5 gallon water pitcher in the baby's room (where I stay too) and I usually fill this up with drinking water on a daily basis. Recently, I have been filling this up every other day. Sigh.

It also doesn't help that Swe-Cha has been extra fussy these past few days and would often wake up from his nap crying and interrupt my pumping sessions - tummyache, I think. I've been going over what I've eaten recently and there's nothing special or new so it must be the weather or it could also be that he's gulping down his milk when he feeds. We should make an extra effort to burp him after meals.

So during Swe-cha's daily walk today, I went and got a pack of ribs from the grocery store. I always like to buy a whole rack of ribs and then cut it up such that the rib tips get steamed, chinese style and the bones get boiled into a huge pot of plain old buto-buto soup which I love with macaroni thrown in.

I saw some watercress at the grocery store and thought about getting them to make watercress soup - which hubby has been dropping hints about recently - but they looked suspiciously old (lamog and lanta).

Oh and while we're at this, here's a bit of trivia: While I typically enjoy having soup as a viand (ulam) with rice, hubby is the typical Cantonese who drinks soup separate from the meal / rice.

I also inventoried our freezer and found some beef short ribs which will make yummy nilagang baka, I'll line this up for when we finish the pork bone soup I'm making today.

On the way to the grocery, I was sorely tempted to drop by my neighborhood Dunkin Donuts to grab a sandwich (love their croissant sandwiches and today is too cold for iced coffee). I have to give myself a pat on the back for resisting the urge and just buying a loaf of whole wheat bread instead. Swe-cha was sleeping (as he always does when we go on our walks) when we got home and I was able to make myself a grilled cheese and scrambled egg sandwich on wheat bread. I am not craving the DD sandwich anymore.

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Berryblitz said...

ako, i don't have to think of what i have eaten haha. kasi naman, no breast milk ako. and kung sakaling may milk, for a month i was eating black chicken and rice and turtle (yung pi).

i am so afraid that my baby would have tummy aches. i think all of us do. kasi babies can't talk, and can't tell their problems.

good think, my baby is a good at burping. we sometimes hadn't started tapping him and he's already burping. now at age 1 yr and 10 months, after drinking his milk or eaten lunch or dinner, he'll just burp after a few minutes :p

alam mo yung mansanilya? the oil to put on baby's tummy area. baka need mo yun. sa baby ko, i think a week lang then tinamad na kaming ilagay yun

pero there are babies na need lagyan ng ganun