Monday, April 19, 2010

Command center

Swe-cha woke up crying half an hour after he went to bed last night and he kept crying the whole night. This was louder and more scary than his usual cry, hubby says that it sounds as if he was hurting bad. I agreed and we took off his clothes to see if something was poking him or if he got bitten by an insect. Saw nothing.

We would get him to stop crying & sleep but he would start up again as soon as I try to put him down to bed. By 2am, I decided to just set up my "command center" again and just go to sleep with him in my arms as that seemed to work best in soothing him.

It did work on swe-cha, he slept really well last night - a little over 5 hours. I, on the other hand, wasn't too comfortable as I went to sleep in a sitting position with a baby in my arms. We started off with Swe-cha lying on my chest, he burped and later wiggled himself down. He cried, I fed him some more, he cried some more and eventually, we settled on a position where I was carrying him horizontally in my arms. Hubby arranged the pillows so that I could rest my arms on one for support.

So tiring!

I just put him down to bed again a few minutes ago. He woke up hungry at around 7am, I fed him and he fell asleep. Woke up crying again at 7:40am, I fed him the rest of his bottle and he fell asleep. It was time to pump milk so I tried putting him down on the bed. He did not cry but he kept whimpering. He's still whimpering every now and then as I write this blog while I am pumping. When Swe-Cha cries like this ? It's heartbreaking. He starts off strong and loud and his voice eventually goes down in volume as his lips quiver. Eventually, his voice starts to break, he shakes and tears start running down from the edge of his eye down his cheeks. Parang inaapi - as if naman, he's the king of our household!!! And me, I just want to gather him in my arms, hug him tight and get rid of whatever it is that is bothering him. I also find myself wishing I could take his pain and fears and suffer through it for him.


I read somewhere, some time ago, that baby gets extra fussy during growth spurts. After sharing that article with my husband, we explain every episode with Swe-Cha as "ah, growth spurt". I wonder if that is true ?

* My command center consists of a couple of pillows thrown up against the wall / bed railings for support, a light blanket, a bottle of milk & the pacifier within the reach of my right hand, a bottle of water (for me) within reach to my left and a phone to call up my husband for support if he's not in the room.

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Mylene said...

[hugs] I remember those days.