Friday, March 5, 2010

Tax day

I finished filing our taxes today - finally. Been working on them for a few days, it's not usually this hard but I squeeze it in in between Swe-cha's feedings and he does have a tendency to wake up from his naps CRYING. So in my rush to tend to the baby, I keep forgetting to save my work and I end up have to enter the data in again.

Anyhow, hubby and I discovered that having a baby for an additional deduction does not amount to a lot. Oh well :P In any case, we did get a few $ worth because Swe cha was born in 2009 so we got a whole year's deduction out of the 1 week that he had (out of my tummy) in 2009. Yay!

Finance-wise, I've been itching to get some sort of savings or investment account started for Swe-cha's college fund. I still have not decided between getting a regular 529 account or a ROTH IRA (which can both be used for retirement or higher education). Being unemployed does not leave me with a lot of extra funds for savings but I figure that we can start with the refund that we get from the IRS. I've also been keeping track of the ang-pao (red envelopes with money) that he received as gifts during Christmas, I'll be adding that to his college fund, when he does get one, as well.

Any suggestions on which one to go with ?


Aris said...

Check this out:

I'm planning to open 529's for the gehls.

Aris said...

You can try this site to figure out which 529 to open: When I tried it earlier, it suggested an Ohio plan. Good luck!

Mai said...

When I was doing my research I used

I used The Education Plan for a while before switching to Vanguard's 529 plan.