Friday, March 5, 2010

It's here!

The freezer is here.

I've wiped the inside clean and plugged the freezer in and am just waiting for the temperature inside to stabilize - will probably wait a couple to several hours - and then will start transferring the frozen breastmilk from our refrigerator's freezer to this chest freezer.

It's really a cute cute thing, a little bit wider than a full load washing machine. When the delivery guys unpacked it, my first thought was "it's too small, should we have gone for the 7 cu ft freezer ?" But then again, small as this is, it's already pushing our dining table further into the living room area so this is the perfect size for our house.

I just hope that it's enough for Swe-cha's milk stash.

On that note, I'd really like to reiterate how happy I am that I am able to breastfeed my baby. Not only does breastmilk provide good nutrition for Swe-cha, it's been helping me burn lots of calories too and that equates to weight loss, yay! I am beginning to dread the time when I will be weaning my baby off of my milk, I will have to go on a rigid fitness regimen by then and plan my meals property - say, get p90x meals from Beachbody - in order to lose more if I still need to or maybe just to maintain my weight at the ideal level. In any case, that won't be for several months at least so I'm not worried yet.


Shoutout: Hi Meekerz, if you read this post, help naman, can you repost that Fisher price high chair link that you left me ? or leave me the name of the model of the high chair ? I tried the link that you left but it only brings me to the site's main page and not to the high chair's page.


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meekerz said...

Hi! :) The model I use is Fisher-Price® Healthy Care™ Deluxe Booster Seat. My sis in law uses this as well for her baby and loves it so much that she gifted us one when I gave birth :)

There are lots of similar ones available now too.