Thursday, August 6, 2009

Web Hosting Ratings

I've blogged a few times about wanting to have my own website with its own domain but I never really got around to that. You see, there would be times when I'd think that I have found the best web provider for me, I wait a few days and then I'll find another one with a different plan that fits in with my budget and needs even more.

I still feel undecided about pushing through my getting my own website as it is very convenient to just maintain my blogs on free hosting sites. However, I would have more freedom and flexibility if I were to maintain my own website and I'm sure many of my blogger friends can attest to this - there are quite a few blogs which I follow who have already switched from free hosting to paid hosting services.

It does feel timely to come across a phpbb web hosting review site that gives me more details about each provider. I also like the fact that they have rankings based on different categories such as Awards or even by Rating.

I believe that this will help me & hubby with this decision as we do want our own site - after all, we're having a baby soon! - and we do not want to spend too much on this indulgence, especially during this recession. How about you ? Check out phpbb web hosting and let me know what you think.

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