Monday, August 31, 2009


The super did end up calling me back this afternoon - but the property management company did not (BOO!) - and told me that he had not gotten any reports about clogged drains today. He also told me that kitchen sinks do tend to clog and that it's a fairly normal occurrence.

I wanted to explain to him how careful we were with the sink drain but I stopped myself. I figured, who admits to abusing their drains ? And explaining that would only make me sound defensive, there was nothing the super could do after all.

By 3pm, the kitchen sink was still clogged. Hubby wanted to try clearing it again ourselves tonight (he had read up on some tips during the day) but I was determined to get a plumber. I recalled TV ads offering to clean and unclog drains for a flat fee of $45 or $49.95. I found several companies but they only service NY.

In NJ, I got estimates that range from $100 to "$175 or more", so that kinda put a damper on the plumber option. By 6:30p, I needed to prepare dinner. I wasn't looking forward to washing stuff in the half bathroom downstairs and I called hubby to ask him to just get some take-out for dinner. While on the phone w/ him, I turned on the kitchen faucet on a whim. I thought that since we won't be using it anytime soon, I might as well fill it up with hot water and let that work its way down the pipe.

Imagine my surprise when the water drained out.

Ha ?

I turned the water on again...

and again, it drained out.

Seems like our problem has fixed itself. This does give our theory about the clog being somewhere in our neighbor's some weight. The neighbor probably fixed their issues.

The best part is that we can run our very very full dishwasher tonight (whew!). I love it when things work out without us having to pay for anything. Imagine if we had called the plumber in earlier in the day,... tsk tsk.

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