Friday, August 28, 2009


I gave hubby quite a scare last night. I took a shower and didn't realize that I had no towel in the bathroom. When I reached out for the towel and found none, I shouted for hubby and asked for "HELP!".

Now, you have to understand... this isn't something new. I forget to bring a towel a lot of the time and I always ask him to help me the same way. Unfortunately, I forgot that this time, it was different. I am pregnant and it has been months since the last time I forgot to bring a towel.

So after shouting "HELP! HELP!", I heard banging sounds... loud and hurried footsteps coming up the stairs, down the hallway and into the bathroom. The door opened and hubby's face peered in. He was pale and flushed and looked.. well,.. scared.

I swear, I heard his heart beating fast too!

Ayun pala, when he heard me shout for help, he was coming up the stairs and didn't know how long I've been shouting for help. Also, me being pregnant, a lot of different and scary scenarios ran across his mind.

I was thoughtless. Kawawa naman my hubby.

So afterwards, I sat him down and talked to him so that we could agree on code words to prevent panic. What to shout if I need a towel ? hmm. I thought about a lot of things - "need assistance", "tulong", "nakalimutan", all sorts of words and phrases popped into my mind. None seemed appropriate for a missing towel.

It wasn't until I was telling this story to my friend when she suggested, why not just shout "twalya" or "towel" ?

Oo nga. Bopols, haha!

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