Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to Reality

So my family has come and gone and I'm left with lots of happy memories - mostly of the little one, Lyle. I can't get enough of him and his sweetness (translation: paglalambing) and even though his non-stop chatter gets tiring at times, hubby and I couldn't help but fall more in love with him.

Now, while I enjoy my last vacation day before I go back to work tomorrow, I'd like to leave you with my favorite conversation w/ Lyle. We were driving to Washington DC and everyone else except for the driver (hubby), Lyle and me were asleep. I look back and saw my sister (Lyle's mom) sleeping w/ her mouth open and I pointed it out to Lyle. He started giggling and asks me what we can do. I suggested throwing potato chips, fries and all sorts of food /drinks into her mouth and he readily agreed (of course, we didn't do anything).

Eventually, I suggested that we throw boogers into her mouth. He looked at me, aghast, and said "A-i, your own sister!" and then promptly put his finger up to his nostril and started picking his nose.


Later, when I would retell the story to the others, he would claim that he was feeling uncomfortable with a booger up his nose and that he was trying to get rid of it. He didn't have plans of flicking it into his mom's mouth.

I so love this kid. Maloko talaga, he gets that from me (proud aunt).


Mom, sis and I didn't talk about our issues anymore. Okay na rin, I wasn't ready for a confrontation nor an autopsy. I'd rather just move on.


Aris said...

It's very good to hear that their visit went well.. :-)

Crinklynose said...

ohhh, kaya pala MIA ka for a while ha???

that's good sis that you, your mom and your achi got past the issue na. sometimes not talking about it helps. ganyan din ako, but i think i was just trying to run away from the issue more than anything... but minsan yun lang talga ang way...

hope all is well :o)

thet said...

hehehehe..nabuhay ka! kung di ko pa nabasa sa n@w ung email, i am unaware na expecting ka na pala..

chinese ka pala noh?

smile lang palagi kapatid para happy baby din paglabas. ako nun, laugh trip palagi kasama ng mga bakla, kaya baka ang baby boy, lumaking bading din.. LOL carry lang. bet ko naman magka baby na bading! :)

Berryblitz said...

congrats! naka move on ka na. ganun talaga yun. and next time, after some more time, months... u'll feel better na parang walang nangyari

Berryblitz said...

ah wait.... reading thet's comment...

buntis ka popcorn??? congrats!!!

Mec said...

delikado ka pala maging sister! :D

popcorn said...

Aris, berns : Thanks!

Thet: Yes, I'm Chinese and yes, we're expecting. Started a separate blog, share ko later.

Berry: Salamat! heehee

Mec: just don't sleep w/ your mouth open and you'll be safe from me.