Friday, November 30, 2007

Kids Says The Darnedest things

I sent over some DVDs to my nephews a few weeks ago and the kids decided to watch X-Men one afternoon.

After the show, Lyle (the 3 year old) walks over to his Mom ...

Lyle: Mommy, I want to be a mutant.

Mommy: Why ?

Lyle: Because I want to be popular.

Mommy: Why would you want to be popular ?

Lyle: Because Iceman is a mutant and he's very popular and all the girls kiss him. They kiss him on the mouth!

Mommy: You shouldn't be thinking about kissing girls yet, only Mommy can kiss you, okay ?

Lyle: Okay.

He then starts to run off but comes back to his Mom

Lyle: Mommy, my classmate Olivia likes me because I'm cute.

Mommy: but no kissing, okay ?

Lyle: okay.

*laughs* something tells me that we should be more vigilant in checking out what the kids are watching nowadays. Especially this little one, he gets influenced too easily.


Ruy said...

So cute.=) I so wanna ask Lyle why he wants to be kissed in the mouth by girls. I'm sure its gonna result in another funny and innocent statement.=)

Jane said...

oh, this is so cute!

popcorn said...

Hi Ruy & Jane! Aliw nga ako sobra sa story. Sabi ko nga sa sister ko, what have you been allowing the kids to watch ? Sagot nya, "ikaw kaya yung nagpadala ng XMen!"

Aba, sa totoo lang, I just pass on interesting DVDs to my sister after we're done watching them para mapanood rin nila. I didn't think naman that they'd just let the kids watch.