Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wax on, wax off

Last weekend, I persuaded the hubby to give our car the long overdue waxing that it needed. Two (or was it three ?) hours later, our Subaru was shining. Really shining. And it passed the bottle-slide-test too. Hubby placed the bottle of wax on the roof and watch it slide down. Nice.

Notice the "Reserved" signs reflected on the bumper, that's actually painted on the parking slot.
I took a lot of pictures thinking that we'd better enjoy this moment as much as we can because given the time that it took us to finish the 3 stage Meguiar's waxing process, I don't see how I can persuade hubby to do this again soon.

p.s. : he did enjoy himself very much on the last and final stage, it's that part where you can actually see the shiny coat appear when you use the orbital buffer.

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