Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Resolutions

A friend and I were chatting earlier and she asked me what my resolutions were for 2019 and I explained that I didn't really think of any this year.

I did have an ongoing goal of losing weight and keeping it off. The thing is, since I don't exercise much nor am I willing to drastically change my diet, I don't expect to lose much in a short period of time. My kind of weight loss is more of a slow & steady approach which I plan on accomplishing through portion control - so slowly, in the past year, I've just been lessening and lessening my lunch. For example, when I have a sandwich, I only eat half of the bread or skip the bread altogether.

So this year, I started 2019 with a bang. That bout with the stomach flu gave me a head start when it made me lose 7.5 lbs - 2019 has barely started and I'm already way ahead. Realistically, I do expect to gain some of that back when things are back to normal and I've recovered completely but I do hope to "normalize" at the 5 lb mark.

I'm now at the last notch with my belt and the hope is to maintain this, at the very least, or at a stretch,... go down to a smaller size.

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