Thursday, August 30, 2018

Key Finder

I hate that I am always losing my keys... but that is how I am.

"Be more organized."
"Keep your keys in the same place each time."

All the advice / sermon ? I've heard them all.

A few months ago, I lost my car and house keys. I am 100% positive that they're inside the house because they're attached to the keychain - I drove home and was able to get into the house so they're definitely somewhere inside, I just couldn't remember where I left them.

While annoying, it wasn't much of a hardship because we had a spare keyfob for my car and a spare key for the house for when my family visits.

Recently, while hunting for the sun block spray which I also misplaced (haha!), hubby found my original keys and we rejoiced. He also did find the sun block spray, he was on a roll! So I decided to order a keyfinder set from Amazon. This unit comes with 6 receivers and a remote. Each receiver uses a replaceable CR2032 battery and the remote uses 2 AAA batteries. We used to have TILEs attached to our keys but at $20 per unit and each unit only valid for a year, it wasn't really sustainable long-term.

I received the keyfinder set today and promptly installed on the batteries and tested all units/receivers. The range is surprisingly good. I left the receivers in an upstairs bedroom and pressed the remote from our ground floor family room and I heard the beeps.

I will mention that I cannot find my car keys again (it was hubby who misplaced it, I think) so this came at a good time. When it does come up eventually, I'll add a receiver immediately.

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