Sunday, January 17, 2016

Caza Trail Sweet Iced Tea (KCup)

The Sweet Iced Tea k-cups I ordered arrived a few days ago so hubby and I amused ourselves brewing some iced tea on our Keurig machine this afternoon. We've been experimenting on the different combinations that we'd brew just so we could get the iced tea to our taste.

The manufacturer recommends a 6oz or 8oz brew.

The first one I tried was an 8oz and it turned out too strong, despite being watered down by all the ice I put in. We brewed a few more cups from the same k-cup, mixed them all together and eventually got the desired taste but we lost track of what we did.

This evening, I did a 10oz strong brew followed by a 6 oz strong brew, it tasted too watered down. Next time, I'll try and 8oz and a 6oz - this is actually the purpose of this post, so I'd remember what combinations I've tried already and how it turned out.

Interestingly, these k-cups aren't Keurig 2.0 compatible but the first 2 we brewed worked! The machine didn't complain until we were on our 3rd k-cup, sabi siguro nya inaabuso na namin. And so we took out our secret weapon - yung FREEDOM CLIP. It's a clip that you install on the keurig to bypass the DRM checking.

Conclusion, "not bad". Don't know if I'll buy more of these in the future - mukha namang matagal tagal mauubos itong 24 pcs if we can brew a lot from a single cup and share it. Hubby finds it too sweet so we might opt for just regular breakfast tea. I do like it naman. Note that this is sweetened with Stevia and has 18g of sugar per serving.

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