Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I finally got around to buying an artificial tree for Christmas - I waited until after Christmas because I wanted to get them on clearance. As it was, I was almost too late when I went tree-shopping on Saturday (12/26), the seasonal aisles on the stores were almost empty when I got there - I wasn't the only person looking forward to the post-Christmas sales, obviously.

Hubby and I immediately set the tree up when I got home just to make sure that it wasn't too scraggly-looking. There weren't any on display and we all know how deceiving those pictures on the boxes could be. I bought one on sale after Christmas last year but had to return it after we saw how pitiful it looked. It was the most malnourished-looking tree I've ever seen. In hindsight, the unbelievably low price should've been a dead giveaway.

I also got some holiday-themed ribbons, they're called "Tree Scarfs" now (I learned something new). I don't quite know yet how I'm going to drape so it comes out looking elegant but that's next year's problem :)

In the meantime, I'll make sure to remind hubby to sniff in the smells from our real tree as this will be the last real one (unless we find an excuse) that will grace our living room for a while. Sayang rin if we keep buying a real one every year, they're not exactly cheap.

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