Friday, November 1, 2013

The basement - day 3

The guys in the spacesuits work fast.

We were told that they'd take 3-4 days but by the evening of day 2, the basement already looked like this.

That machine covered with plastic tarp with the tube running to the window is an air scrubber and was left running for 3 entire days, it's cleaning out the air inside the basement.

All the wood paneling are out. Thankfully, the mold situation wasn't bad and the framing on the walls (studs) were clean - in fact, they looked like new! No stains at all. Everything was treated with Microban and was sealed with mold-resistant paint that contains a mildewcide (Zinsser).

All the ceiling panels and kitchen cabinetry (top & bottom), including the kitchen sink were all torn out and disposed of. That plastic-tarp covered stove is all that remains of the summer kitchen.

The guys will come back again tomorrow to remove all the plastic sheets and refuse. 

We now have a mold-free basement that is unfinished - it does have all the framing intact so it won't cost as much to finish the walls. Methinks we might give a stab at putting up drywall ourselves (and by this, I really mean I would supervise while hubby supplies the muscles).

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