Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I just realized that the best way to get someone to confess is to be as vague as possible :)

Last week, hubby bought an ice cream cake for my birthday, we cut it up into serving sizes before freezing it so it would be easier to to eat. Swe-cha loved it so much that he would look for ice-cream-cake every single day. He ate the last piece last night.

Tonight, he kept looking for more ice cream and would make me help him rummage through our freezers (we have two). I kept pointing out that there were none left, he'd be okay but 10 minutes later, he'd pull me to the freezers to help him look again.

So I decided to call hubby.

Me: May malaking kasalanan ka sa akin.

There was a pause and he started asking... confessing, even. Is it the bathroom ? Did I leave it open ?

Me: No, isip ka pa. Malaking kasalanan! Malaking-malaki!

and he confessed to a few more things.

I did let him in on the joke... eventually :)

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