Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy bad news

Yes, there are times when bad news make me happy.

My partner and I put up an online shop, right ? Business was unsurprisingly slow when we started. We were newbies, virtually unknown and we had a lot of work ahead of us just to get the word out.

We had great faith in our product choices because we use these products with our own babies, but we didn't have enough experience to judge how marketable these products were going to be. The first few months were lean months and there were times when I (my partner was more confident) was beginning to have nightmares of getting stuck with these baby items that we could not possibly use up - not unless we both start popping babies out in multiples :)

Anyway, it seems like word has spread and people are getting to know us and trust us. We've gotten several special orders for products that we do not normally carry and our stock is selling. We've even had to turn down a lot of orders these past few weeks and have been asking people if they are able to wait a few more weeks until our new stocks arrive.

I feel so bad about not being able to fill orders, nakakahiya sa customer. This brings to mind an ex-officemate's hirit at a restaurant one time when the lady taking my order kept telling me that they didn't have what I wanted:

Me: I'll have the rib-eye steak.

Cashier: Ay, wala na pong rib-eye steak.

Me: uh... (scans the menu) Sige, t-bone na lang

Cashier: Ubos na rin po

Me: e yung tenderloin ?

Cashier: (shouts towards the kitchen area) May tenderloin pa ba ? (hears an answer) Ma'am, sorry po, ubos na rin po.

At this point, my then-officemate, who was lined up behind me peered over my shoulder and asked, "E, Miss, kelan kayo magsasara ?"

One of the customers I've had to turn down recently had this to say, "dapat mag stock na kayo nang mas marami, nakikilala na kayo, marami nang bibili".

She's right.

We do listen to our customers so please, please bear with us. Konting tulog na lang. We are shipping out and stocking up as much as we can.

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